I am just saying……

The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.
Horace Bushnell

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Earthquake, Hurricane and Rain….Oh My!

It has been minute!  

Shopping for dorm items (for my daughter), earthquake, shopping for dorm items, hurricane, rain and oh did I mention… shopping for dorm items…. I have been extremely busy!

I remember the last post I wrote about where about my two  business goals that I  am trying to promote.  My book and my non-profit business.  I have good new!  I am excited to share.. My board members are being formed :)!  Everybody that I am talking with seem to be excited to be apart of this vision!

My non-profit is to cater towards women who are or where a single teenage parent, who have their HS Diploma, a strong desire to obtain an education beyond highschool and they must be a minority! I want the board members to look like the clientele that is being service!



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My life, My steps, My paths, My stories, My Reasons…….

There are several reasons why I started this blog.  One reason is to tell my story and hopefully help  (especially minority young women), encourage, offer advice, tools and resources to get through the trials of being a single parent.

Another reason is to promote two projects that I am currently working on.  My business: Birdland:   This program will help single African-American female parent  and or other minority women 18 or older who has  a HS diploma or GED by assisting them achieve different personal and professional growth heights so they can provide a healthy and financially sound foundation for them and their children.  2nd reason: My book.  My personal journey (this is not the name of my book).

My reason for starting this business goes back to me being a teenage parent.  My  support system, my resources and how could I sustain myself as I embark this journey of finishing highschool and not to mention obtaining a degree.  It was blessing that my mom did help me.  She did not know every thing (as it relates to resources such as childcare, Pell grant, and things of that nature) but nonetheless she was there.  She gave  and did what she could to help me acheive my goals.  She stress the importance of me going to college and not to be like her.   She told me not to quit regardless of how hard it gets! 

A lot of women do not have that support (of a family member or anyone for that matter) or the resources and supports to obtain a higher level of education.  They get stuck.  Everything seems so overwhelming : childcare, working, finances, medical expenses…just to name a few.  The thought of going school to attain an  associates or a bachelors Degree. Some can not even fathom that.  They can not see pass “How in the world am I going  to make it to the next day”  obtaining a higher education is the last thing on their mind.

Thats where my program can be utilize.  I’m going to tell you how and why women of color should obtain a college degree.

Until next time….


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Okay…. and…we heard this before…

Okay just trying to get the hang of this blog so please bear with me…

Being a teenage parent is extremely difficult but being a African-American teen parent has challenges within itself.

  • For me being called a statistic..by your family members
  • Being ostracize from peers (some) and teachers and other faculty members
  • Living in a single parent household
  • Bringing an extra month to feed on a one person income (my mother)
  • And compound all that with all the other typical teenage stressors.

I can not tell you that I came from a drug infested neighborhood or parents were on drugs and they abandoned me.  I can not even say that my parents died of some GOD awful disease.  In fact, it was the total opposite.

I come from a middle class home.  I went to private school.  I lived in a suburb of Nashville, TN.  My childhood was good. 

One day my father decided that he did not want to be in that union (with my mother and that is blog within itself).  My life changed.  I was in the 8th grade when he left.  I started highschool without my mother being mentally available for me.  She had to work extra hard (double shifts and late  nights) to make up for loss income.  She also held to deal with other issues such as being the only provider for my brother and I, her spouse  left her and no financial or mental support. 

I’m digressing.  

As a  African-American (I say that because I can not relate to the struggles of any other race but I can relate to being a teenage parent but I believe some races have it a little easier then others) teenage parent  how do you achieve your dreams especially when it is easier to:

  • give up
  • to say I don’t care
  • say this too hard
  • when people look at you with disgust and shake their head and tell you to your face YOU HAVE JUST MESSED UP YOUR LIFE ( I am being nice.. YOU HAVE F-CKED UP YOUR LIFE)

    Who do you look to for motivation, for encouragement, help, non judgement who sincerely cares and want you to be a success???I have been there!!

Is it Family?  Who?  For me the first step was family… my mother to be exact!

What if family is not supportive or is not there..then what??

In my next post I will address that.. and  my proposal.. and how it came to life…

Until next time…take care.


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The life of an African American teenage parent

Strap up,  or buckle up I am going to take you on a journey that you can not even fathom…..

This journey is so surreal that I hope it touches all teenagers and or women regardless of their background…. not to followmyfootsteps.

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